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Helping you create a plan to protect your assets in the event of incapacity or upon death.  

You should decide what's best for you. Don't wait too late to plan and leave it up to a judge following state law.

There are planning options that can avoid court altogether.   

Whatever time of life you are in, you need an estate plan.

Failing to have an estate plan may result in serious and unintended consequences for you and your loved ones. 

You should decide ahead of time what you want, and execute a plan that accomplishes your goals.  

Who do you want to receive your assets at death? Who do you want to be in charge of your assets and make financial decisions for you if you are not competent to do so for yourself?  Who do you want to make medical decisions for you if you are unable?  

Without a proper plan in place ahead of time state law controls, and it may not match your wishes. Failing to plan ahead of time also typically involves an expensive court process upon your death or incapacity.

Find Out What Options Are Available To You

Contact The O'Kelley Law Firm, PLLC for your free initial estate planning consultation. Attorney Jennifer O'Kelley will meet (in person, by phone, or virtually) with you for an assessment of your current situation, goals and concerns. She will ask questions, listen to you, answer your questions and tell you what options are available to accomplish your goals.  Then she will tell you what the cost and process would be to set up your estate plan the way you decide is best for you.    

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